About Llady Llama Fiber Co.



Creating lovingly hand dyed yarn & spinning fiber in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of NY.

We are a family-based business, bringing together our skills and passions to provide fine fiber arts supplies and tools since 2009.
Queer and Neurodivergent owned business. 🏳️‍🌈♾

Kelli (AKA Llady Llama)- Owner and mastermind behind Llady Llama. Dyer of all the things. Using color on fiber to evoke sense memory and shared experience with the hope that it will help inspire your creations. If you see Llady Llama Fiber Co. on social media, feel free to say hi and send project photos with your Llady Llama yarn or fiber!

Becki (AKA Seamstress Sheep)- From pattern-drafting to finished piece, she is responsible for our project totes at LLFC. She brings a lifetime of sewing experience and strict attention to quality and detail to create our super-functional, durable and reversible Llayover Project Totes.

Gary (AKA Roadie Sheep)- A Master Toolmaker, he utilizes his vast knowledge and skills to hand-turn all our wooden spinning and knitting accessories. He loves making each piece unique while emphasizing the natural beauty of our locally-sourced wood.

Kari (AKA Seamstress Sheep)- Bringing you our line of Llexical Notion and divided Sock Pouches. Each tetrahedral zippered bag is finished exquisitely and is ready to hold your most used notions, or your latest sock project using our Sock Twins!

Rachel (AKA Support Sheep)- The Illustrator talent behind our logos! You can find more of her work here. Also, Kelli's incredibly supportive and patient Wife.

Meet Elli

Elli is our Spokesllama here at Llady Llama Fiber Co and Kelli's alter ego. She's a little sassy, very protective of her flock and always ready for some crafty goodness with her spindle and her handspun, handknit socks! She sometimes gets to messing around in the dye studio when no one is watching and that is how our Elli AU's (Alternate Universes) are created! These are OOAK re-imaginings made using leftover dye from official colorways that are mixed, tweaked, blended, and otherwise experimented with in these non-repeatable colorways. Are you crafty like a llama? Elli is!