Fiber Festival Prep

May 07, 2022

Show prep is in full swing for the upcoming CNY Fiber Arts Festival on June 11th &12th.This will be our first show vending since the pandemic began and it's a real mixture of emotions for me. We have done this show for many years so it's a wonderful sense of joy in seeing old and new fiber friends. But it also feels a bit like I'm doing a dance I used to know in my sleep, but haven't practiced in a little too long. I'm relearning my rhythm and spending extra effort to remember the nuances of every step. Added to that are some revisions to the dance routine to help keep the Llady Llama fam, our fellow vendors, the show organizers and of course our customers as safe as possible.

I am finding that dye groove again though and I'm very excited by some of the work I'm producing lately. Incorporating more immersion techniques in the last year has paralleled some personal growth I've been striving for. It has me embracing more fluidity and intuitive expression in my colors. Less rigidity and more self acceptance. Less unattainable perfectionism and more appreciation of the beauty that can be found in the imperfection of reality.

I'll leave you with a few photos of some of the show prep progress.