Pricing Update

April 28, 2022

Some of my repeat customers may have noticed some pricing shifts after the Etsy Strike and in the interest of transparency I thought I would take a moment to give some insight on that for anyone who was wondering, as well as a heads up on some upcoming price changes. All prices over on my Etsy Shop have increased by $1 since coming back from vacation mode during the strike. This is not extra money going into my pocket, but it is an attempt to cover the increased fees that Etsy is collecting. This means that buying from the new shop will be your best deal (and mine too) because IndieMade doesn’t charge me listing or transaction fees. I’m still working on getting more listings up on in between show prep for the CNY Fiber Fest, but please don’t hesitate to reach out using the Contact link at the bottom of the site if there is an item over on my Etsy shop that you would like to purchase through the new site. I will happily and enthusiastically arrange that.

I have also discontinued participation in Etsy’s free shipping program, at least for now. As a result of this and USPS postage price increases, some shipping prices have been adjusted. I am also no longer participating in Etsy's automatic coupon campaigns. Instead, customers who purchase through the Etsy shop will receive a customer loyalty coupon in their order to use on a future purchase from the new shop. Yay!

Although I am always very hesitant to do so, I have also increased prices on our Llexical Sock Pouches from $25 to $30 (plus $1 on Etsy) and our Medium Llayover Totes from $38.50 to $40 (plus $1 on Etsy). Combed top pricing will be increasing by $1 per 4oz. braid at the next shop update. These are all due to increases in supply costs that have been adding up over the last few years. The combed top increase is particularly sad for me, but I have had the same pricing on my combed top for almost 13 years.

Ok, unpleasant administrative talk out of the way. Next blog post will be about something much more enjoyable. In the meantime have a gratuitous photo of some of the cellulose yarn base test dyes we rewound this week!

*ETA: Shipping info.